Original research articles

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Complement inhibition can decrease the haemostatic response in a microvascular bleeding model at multiple levels.
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Complement and platelets: prothrombotic cell activation requires membrane attack complex-induced release of danger signals.
Blood Adv. 2023. 7(20):6367-6380.  
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Li X, Wang H, Schmidt CQ, Ferreira VP, Yancopoulou D, Mastellos DC, Lambris JD, Hajishengallis G.
The Complement-Targeted Inhibitor Mini-FH Protects against Experimental Periodontitis via Both C3-Dependent and C3-Independent Mechanisms.
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Preferential production and secretion of the complement regulator factor H-like protein 1 (FHL-1) by human myeloid cells.
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Combined Heterozygous Genetic Variations in Complement C2 and C8B: An Explanation for Multidimensional Immune Imbalance?
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Upregulation of Checkpoint Ligand Programmed Death-Ligand 1 in Patients with Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria Explained by Proximal Complement Activation.
J Immunol. 2022. 208(5):1248-1258                                                                                   * corresponding author

Dopler A, Zolk O, Lang SJ, Halbgebauer R, Höchsmann B, Skerra A, Braun CK, Huber-Lang MS, Schrezenmeier H, *Schmidt CQ  
Deregulation of Factor H by Factor H-Related Protein 1 Depends on Sialylation of Host Surfaces.                        
Front Immunol. 2021. 12:615748.                                                                                      * corresponding author


Mannes M, Dopler A, Zolk O, Lang SJ, Halbgebauer R, Höchsmann B, Skerra A, Braun CK, Huber-Lang MS, Schrezenmeier H, *Schmidt CQ
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Blood. 2021. 137(4):443-455. (Selected as issue highlight & plenary paper)                    * corresponding author

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Front Immunol. 2020. 11:1789.


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COVID-19 pandemic and therapy with ibuprofen or renin-angiotensin system blockers: no need for interruptions or changes in ongoing chronic treatments.
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*Schmidt CQ
Different Levels of Incomplete Terminal Pathway Inhibition by Eculizumab and the Clinical Response of PNH Patients.
Front Immunol. 2019. 10:1639.
                                                                                        * corresponding authors

Lang SJ, Schmiech M, Hafner S, Paetz C, Steinborn C, Huber R, Gaafary ME, Werner K, Schmidt CQ, Syrovets T, Simmet T.
Antitumor activity of an Artemisia annua herbal preparation and identification of active ingredients.
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Pouw RB, Brouwer MC, de Gast M, van Beek AE, van den Heuvel LP, Schmidt CQ, van der Ende A, Sanchez-Corral P, Kuilpers TW, Wouters D.
Potentiation of complement regulator Factor H protects human endothelial cells from complement attack in aHUS sera.
Blood Adv. 2019. 3(4):621-632

Dopler A, Guntau L, Harder MJ, Palmer A, Höchsmann B, Schrezenmeier H, Simmet T, Huber-Lang M,
*Schmidt CQ

Self versus Nonself Discrimination by the Soluble Complement Regulators Factor H and FHL-1.
J Immunol. 2019. 202(7):2082-294
(Selected as issue highlight)                                       * corresponding author

Anliker M, Schmidt CQ, Harder MJ, Ganchev G, Zabern I, Höchsmann B, Schrezenmeier H, Weinstock C Complement activation by human anti-red cell antibodies: hemolytic potential of antibodies and efficacy of complement inhibitors assessed by a sensitive flow cytometric assay.
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Biophysical analysis of sialic acid recognition by the complement regulator Factor H.
Glycobiology. 2018. 28(10):765-773  
                                                                              * corresponding authors

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Science. 2018. 359(6371): 48-55


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Regulator-dependent mechanisms of C3b processing by factor I allow differentiation of immune responses.
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Incomplete inhibition by eculizumab: mechanistic evidence for residual C5 activity during strong complement activation.
Blood. 2017. 129(8):970-980.
(Selected as issue highlight)                                              * corresponding authors

Kuhn N, Schmidt CQ, Schlapschy M, Skerra A.
PASylated Coversin, a C5-Specific Complement Inhibitor with Extended Pharmacokinetics, Shows Enhanced Anti-Hemolytic Activity in Vitro.
Bioconjug Chem. 2016. 27(10):2359-2371.

Krutzke L, Prill JM, Engler T, Schmidt CQ, Xu Z, Byrnes AP, Simmet T, Kreppel F.

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J Control Release. 2016. 235:379-92. 


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Selectivity of C3-opsonin targeted complement inhibitors: A distinct advantage in the protection of erythrocytes from paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria patients.
Immunobiology. 2016. 221(4):503-11                                                                                * corresponding author
Kennedy AT, Schmidt CQ, Thompson JK, Weiss GE, Taechalertpaisarn T, Gilson PR, Barlow PN, Crabb BS, Cowman AF, Tham WH.

Recruitment of Factor H as a Novel Complement Evasion Strategy for Blood-Stage Plasmodium falciparum Infection.
J Immunol. 2016. 196(3):1239-48

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Comparative Analysis of Novel Complement-Targeted Inhibitors, MiniFH, and the Natural Regulators Factor H and Factor H-like Protein 1 Reveal Functional Determinants of Complement Regulation.
J Immunol. 2016. 196(2):866-76.                                                                                       * corresponding author 

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Reviews & editorial articles

*Schmidt CQ, Smith RJH.
Protein therapeutics and their lessons: Expect the unexpected when inhibiting the multi-protein cascade of the complement system.
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Complement and the prothrombotic state.
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Dopler A, Guntau L, Harder MJ, Palmer A, Höchsmann B, Schrezenmeier H, Simmet T, Huber-Lang M,
Schmidt CQ*

Response to Comment on "Self versus Nonself Discrimination by the Soluble Complement Regulators Factor H and FHL-1".

J Immunol. 2019. 203(8):2029-2030                                                                                   * corresponding author

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Translational mini-review series on complement factor H: structural and functional correlations for factor H. 

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